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You are receiving our FIRST newsletter! We have great news! Dr. Gates started a new corporation with a new name that better fits his focus on brain health. Welcome to Gates Brain Health!

With the current state of our world, we wanted to extend health tips to support you during this time. Please know that all of what we share are suggestions.

In a recent Gates Brain Health podcast, Dr. Gates and Scott Davisson discussed what can happen to our bodies when we allow our fear and panic to replace logic, reason, and common sense.

In the podcast, Dr. Gates states, “Stress is kind of the main lynchpin of most of the diseases I work with or an underlying factor. When we are in the state of fear chronically, it depletes our immune system, our memory B-cell function goes down as adrenaline levels stay high…we are meant to be stressed for 20 minutes. We are not meant to be stressed for weeks to months. The concern with COVID 19 is that this is just starting and this may go on for a while.”

He goes on to talk further about the importance of staying mentally and emotionally healthy during this time. It is worth listening to!

What can we do for panic prevention?

We can minimize our stress and build our immune system during this period of panic by engaging in the following activities:

  1. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your immune system. Not only does exercise strengthen your immune system, it also helps mitigate stress! Although not much is known about the Coronavirus, doctors have found that obesity is one of the contributing factors to being at a higher risk to COVID19. If you want to be proactive for yourself and for your family, this is a great time to engage in an exercise regimen. It does not have to be vigorous exercise, but simply moving your body.
  2. Watch your diet. Stay away from processed foods and eat filling, nutritious, balanced meals.
  3. Get adequate sleep and rest. It is important to allow your body plenty of rest to combat stress and potential illness.
  4. Know that your health is up to you. You cannot control the Coronavirus but you can control your response to it. By eating healthy, sleeping an adequate amount and exercising, you are taking responsibility for your well being. It is very empowering to take control of your health and not having a victim mindset that panics and overreacts when adverse situations arise.
  5. A sauna may contribute to staying healthy. According to Dr. Gates, there is a lot of research that combining exercise with using an infrared sauna can induce hyperthermia which can help regulate your immune cell function to protect against invasive pathogens.
  6. Vitamin A. Studies have shown that children with pneumonia heal faster when they receive Vitamin A. The incidence of asthma is also less.
  7. Vitamin D supplementation aids in supporting the immune system.
  8. Zinc. Stanford conducted a study on the common cold and other coronaviruses (other than COVID19). They found that zinc lozenges, echinacea, garlic, menthol, eucalyptus oils, and other natural alternatives can have an effect in helping us battle infections.
  9. Shut off the news. Be informed but turn off the deluge of over-information you have already heard.
  10. Humor. Laugh! Laughing can boost your immune system and generally put you in a calmer and happier state of mind.
  11. Enjoy nature. Get into the wide-open spaces. Being in nature can be refreshing, calming and tranquil.
  12. Wash your hands. It was a good idea before and it still is!
  13. Remember that this will pass; no situation is permanent.

We still may get an upper respiratory tract infection, including COVID 19, but taking the necessary actions to promote our overall health and wellness can boost our immunity and spirits.

Feel free to call our office for further advice regarding immunity and supplements.

Lastly, we wanted to share a recipe from our amazing employee Laura. Not only is she a fantastic employee, but also an amazing cook! Try out her recipe for Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

If you have any questions or would like some additional support, please call our office at our NEW telephone number 775-507-2000. Until next time!

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