Recent studies have found that 322 million people around the world struggle with depression. In the USA, 18.1% of the population struggles with anxiety disorders.

In the Western Medical model, antidepressants are the first-line treatment for depression. However, a large percentage (40-50%) of people with depression have treatment-resistant depression, where they take antidepressants and don’t feel better. Oftentimes counseling is suggested to patients with a range of success.

When we are speaking about anxiety and depression, it is important to recognize there are often multiple different factors that cause these conditions. There are multiple factors that influence the brain in general! This includes food (specifically gluten), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, obesity, MTHFR, glutamate, BDNF, chronic stress, childhood trauma, inflammation, and hormones. Here at Gates Brain Health, we find the root of your depression and anxiety.

Dr. Gates, D.C., Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, works to promote neurogenesis of the hippocampus and exercises the frontal lobes with neuroplasticity based eye exercises. Through these neurological exercises, diet change, and nutritional supplementation, we work to support the brain in functioning well again and by shutting off the stress response.

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